Free software and music

My name is rekado and I’m currently working as a programmer and GNU/Linux server administrator. I enjoy writing Free Software. You can find some of my code here or on Github. At night I’m a shy musician. I play the Chapman Stick. I don't like to publish recorded music, but a recording of a representative piece of music will appear here once it's ready. Possibly even before 2020.

You can contact me via email at sflbepAfmfqimz/ofu. Please use my public key when writing me email. If you don’t know much about encrypting email, please take a look at the email self-defense website by the Free Software Foundation.

You might be interested in these selected projects that I'm involved with.

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On occasion I write articles. Here’s the latest article. I recommend the series of posts on hacking the Wavedrum.


With some interruptions, I’m studying toward a Bachelor of Applied Science via distance learning at the Open Polytechnic. Some of my writings on ecology can be found in this section.

Weird stuff