Here is a list of some of the projects that I’m involved with that actually might be useful to others.

Hacking the Wavedrum

I wrote a series of blog posts in which I document my efforts to understand and possibly manipulate the firmware of Korg’s Wavedrum. The PCB is easily accessible and exposes big connector pads as well as a microSD card—an invitation to play with the hardware.

The project page is the best place to get an overview and to see the current status. It contains links to the sources of any software artifacts I create in the process.

GNU Guix

GNU Guix is a novel package manager for GNU systems. In Guix a package is treated as a pure function whose output is fully described by its inputs (its dependencies). I’m packaging lots of bioinformatics software when I’m in the office and audio tools when I’m off work.

The Guix package manager forms the foundation of the Guix System, which is the GNU system I use on my laptop.

GNU Guix Workflow Language

The Guix Workflow Language (GWL) provides a scientific computing extension to GNU Guix's declarative language for package management for the declaration of scientific workflows.

It combines the specification of work units and their relationship to one another with the reproducible software deployment facilities of the functional package manager GNU Guix. A GWL workflow will always run in a reproducible environment that GNU Guix automatically prepares.

Guile Picture Language

The Guile Picture Language provides a Guile library containing simple procedures to generate primitive shapes, to manipulate them, and to compose them to build complex pictures. While this library could be used to procedurally generate images, it is really meant to be used interactively.

LV2 plugins

I have ported two VST instruments to the LV2 plugin framework, because I missed them after my move to GNU/Linux.