White Noise

April 1, 2010

Some time in 2005 I had this fancy idea of writing a number of songs that would relate to one another and share musical themes; sort of a miniature concept album. Whenever I thought of a variation of an existing theme I would hack it into one of the many powertab files I accumulated over the years. A problem that arose from this method was that I often couldn’t play what I had jotted down. Instead of miraculously turning into a song, the collection of disjointed files containing disjointed melodies and riffs just continued to grow larger.

Eventually, when I was porting my powertab archive to tuxguitar, I decided to endulge in the most productive of all work: deleting. Deleting parts that I was never quite happy with contributed a lot to “songify” the independent little pieces of music.

The version that is embedded on this site is an instrumental created by playing back the MIDI sources through fluidsynth. The soundfont used for rendering is called “Airfont 340”.

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