(define-public texlive-filehook
    (inherit (simple-texlive-package "texlive-filehook"
                                     (list "doc/latex/filehook/"
    (version #f)
    (home-page "https://ctan.org/macros/latex/contrib/filehook")
    (synopsis "Hooks for input files")
     "The package provides several file hooks (AtBegin, AtEnd, ...) for files read by
\\input, \\include and \\InputIfFileExists.  General hooks for all such files (e.g.
 all \\included ones) and file specific hooks only used for named files are
provided; two hooks are provided for the end of \\included files -- one before,
and one after the final \\clearpage.")
    (license lppl1.3+)))
(define-public texlive-lualatex-math
    (inherit (simple-texlive-package "texlive-lualatex-math"
                                     (list "doc/lualatex/lualatex-math/"
    (version #f)
    (propagated-inputs (list texlive-filehook texlive-etoolbox))
    (home-page "https://ctan.org/macros/luatex/latex/lualatex-math")
    (synopsis "Fixes for mathematics-related LuaLaTeX issues")
     "The package patches a few commands of the LaTeX2e kernel and the amsmath and
mathtools packages to be more compatible with the LuaTeX engine.  It is only
meaningful for LuaLaTeX documents containing mathematical formulas, and does not
exhibit any new functionality.  The fixes are mostly moved from the unicode-math
package to this package since they are not directly related to Unicode
mathematics typesetting.")
    (license lppl1.3c)))

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