Guile Studio

Picture this scene: Chlodwig wants to learn Guile and asks for the best editor for writing and editing Guile Scheme code. The friendly folks on the #guile IRC channel recommend Emacs. Chlodwig does not know what Emacs is, but installs it, giddy with anticipation to play with Guile.

Emacs presents itself as a diamond in the rough. Chlodwig only sees the impermeable rocky surface, unable to reveal its hidden beauty. By the time Chlodwig has finished imagining the process of shaving a yak to learn how to configure Emacs in order to set it up to be an environment conducive to playing with Guile, the inital spark of motivation has faded.

Guile Studio is for Chlodwig.

A screenshot of Guile Studio with a custom splash screen,
a code buffer, and a REPL session showing the picture language.

Guile Studio is a development environment for playing with Guile Scheme. It is really just a pre-configured Emacs with a few settings that make working with Guile easier for people who find Emacs confusing. The features include:

I Want That!

You can install Guile Studio with Guix. Just run guix install guile-studio.

Help needed

There are many more things that can be done to make Emacs less confusing for people who use it just as a Guile IDE. I would be happy to hear your suggestions or apply patches to improve Guile Studio!